Services Provided

Strategic Planning Process Leadership:  Organize and facilitate an objective process which will lead decision-makers to a clear vision of a future direction, define goals, and offer strategies to achieve the goals. Create ongoing update processes and evaluation mechanisms.

Organizational Strategic Assessment:  Profile internal strengths/weaknesses and external opportunities/threats. Assess corporate culture, environment and readiness for change. Conduct attitudinal studies of employees and constituents; perform image assessment.

Organizational Development:  Facilitate an understanding of the structural needs of the organization in order for it to carry out its mission. Includes board, volunteer, and staff organizational considerations.

Executive Coach:  Explore and evaluate issues, concerns, strategies and policies as a confidential service to chief executive officers who are considering significant operational and/or organizational change.

Management of Change:  Organizational development, including seminars, workshops, training sessions and communication vehicle development.

Business and Marketing Plan Development:  Research and develop business/marketing plans for organizations, products and services. Pricing and positioning strategies, promotional plans, and evaluation methods.

Group Process Facilitation:  Manage and coordinate board and staff retreats/workshops to facilitate change through communication, consensus building, and planning for implementation. Also, focus group moderating and reporting.

Merger and Affiliation:  
Facilitate processes for the merger or affiliation of not-for-profit organizations, including exploratory meetings, due diligence, letter of intent, and affiliation agreement.

Brand Identity/Positioning Strategy:  Facilitate processes to understand current market position and strategy development for re-positioning with a new brand identity.

Governance: Assess board of directors organization and apply new approaches to governance that best fit the organizational vision.